Kristen E. Billingsley, DDS

Dr. Kristen Billingsley Marigold Family Dentistry I knew at a pretty young age that I was interested in dentistry. The connections I build with my patients on a daily basis continues to be an affirmation that I chose the perfect career. Patient education is a vital part of a strong doctor patient relationship. This allows you the ability to make decisions regarding your own healthcare and gives you the power to properly address your needs. Additionally, I want my patients to be able to relax and not dread coming to the dentist. It might sound crazy, but I think it is possible to look forward to coming to the dentist. From there, you can allow me to focus on the science, research, and the art of making a beautiful smile. I am committed to continuing education and firmly believe that dentistry is an integral part of one’s overall health.

Originally, I am from Batesville, Indiana. After receiving my Bachelors at the University of Dayton, I went on to Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to complete my Doctorate in Dental Surgery. During my time in dental school, I met my husband, Alexander Cibor. It was great to commiserate and crack jokes through our years in school. Upon graduation, we got married and created our life together with our goofy goldendoodle, Otto.

A US Navy scholarship allowed me the privilege of serving my country. I completed an additional year of Advanced Education in General Dentistry in North Chicago and moved out to Washington state to complete the remainder of my time in the Navy.

After my time in the Navy, I continued to practice dentistry at a wonderful private office in Washington.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to spend six years in the Pacific Northwest and explore all it has to offer. We were even able to check some big mountain climbs off our bucket list before the birth of our two children, Franz and Louisa.

In my free time, I love to get outside with my kids, whether that is hiking, jogging, camping, or something else. I am also a bit of a foodie, so I love cooking and mostly eating all sorts of foods.

Although, it was difficult to leave the relationships we built with patients and friends, I am so excited to be back in the Midwest. I am thrilled to call Holland home and to be a small part of this wonderful community.

Dr. Billingsley and family